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Best Practice: Data management â marketing & big data

There’s enough information out there regarding big data – what it is and how it can be utilised – but more often than not, this information can be incredible techy and a little indecipherable for those not blessed with IT know-how. When it comes to more simple applications of big data and how it can be used to influence business in sectors other than IT, these details can often be harder to come about.

Thankfully, the Huffington Post recently published details on how big data influences marketing, and what professionals in the industry need to know about the practice.

It can be used to create a buyer persona.

Big data can be used to effectively create buyer personas, used in marketing to help professionals target specific consumers. These personas are generally generated using big data sets, social media information and various online interactions with different forms of content. This data can be collated and used to target more demographics in a more effective manner.

It can help with customisation.

A good marketer appreciates the value personalisation and customisation can bring to a business. Along with a robust buyer persona, these traits are guaranteed to attract more customers to a brand or business. Using big data to see who is interacting with a business in real-time allows marketers to send the right message at the right time, to the right person. This will in turn promote customer loyalty.

It can help identify new trends.

Finally, big data sets can be used to identify emerging business trends and allow marketers to better predict in what direction campaigns should go. This helps marketers to expand their reach; predictive analytics also allow marketers to take innovative steps towards improving and refining their marketing activities.

How else can big data help marketers? Can you think of any other benefits it brings to the profession?

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