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Answers to Why Your Leaflet Distribution Didnât Work


We sometimes get despondent clients who blame us for their lack of response on a recent campaign. If you have had a similar experience, please read this carefully.

After we have carried out a distribution we like to call the client and get feedback on their response. Often we hear, ‘well I don’t know, no one said they came because of a flyer‘. Sound familiar? The other thing we hear is, ‘Leaflet distribution is rubbish, we haven’t had a single call from the flyer!’ or ‘I think my business simply doesn’t benefit from leaflet distribution‘. These are certainly far too familiar to us, but needn’t be for you any longer.

Read these 3 simple keys for a successful flyer campaign:

Have a bold headline. ‘Gorgeous Garden for Summer’ (This would be ideal for a landscaping company).

Have an eye catching image. So on the garden example consider a great looking garden with a happy family enjoying a BBQ in it.

Have a track-able call to action with t&c’s. E.g. FREE BBQ with this flyer*. The main T&C’s you want is an expiry date and to state they need to present the flyer to receive the offer. E.g. *Expires 31/07/16. Valid upon presentation of this flyer only. Minimum spend £1000. Please ask for further details.

Why do these keys work so well? The headline allows people to associate and identify with your service, the image attracts and keeps their instant attention, and the track-able action (usually in the form of an offer) gives people a reason to respond.

Point to remember: big brands such as Dominos Pizza and O2 often have an initial higher response than an independent company in the same field because they have already built up a trusted brand. As such, don’t think leaflet distribution is all about instant ROI; it is also about brand awareness. Therefore, if you regularly (every month) distribute to the same area, people will understand that your business has backbone, and they are more likely to respond than if they just receive your flyer once.

Looking back at your flyer, were you missing these key ingredients? If so, look through your campaign with fresh eyes so that you have the best possible chance of having a fantastic response on your next distribution.

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