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Accord releases annual travel report: '2019: All Mapped Out'


By analysing market trends, scrutinising data and observing the ever-evolving traveller’s path to purchase, it is our goal to provide an exclusive peek in the crystal ball of travel destinations, innovations and experiences.

In our ‘2019 All Mapped Out’ travel report, we focus on the trends that are emerging, the ones that are returning, and the buzzwords in between. From regenerative tourism to skip-gen group travel, we have pulled together the five topics that have caught our interest and offer guidance on how these trends will shape the coming year.

The report examines several burning questions within the travel industry, including:

1. How can brands keep up with the experience-chasing traveller?

2. Is sustainability just a buzzword in the world of tourism?

3. What is the industry doing to address issues of overtourism?

4. How are the problems of solo travellers being answered?

5. Who sits within the ‘family travel’ group and how can we define this complex market?

To receive a copy of the full report, please visit our website for more information.

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