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A Day in the Life of a Web Analyst - Dan


Have you met Dan?

Snowboarder extraordinaire Dan is another one of Periscopix's ever-growing maths prodigies, having glided through his A-Levels and undergrad with top grades. That wasn't quite geeky enough for our Dan though, who swiftly followed that up with a Masters in Game Development whilst continuing to wipe the floor with everyone on the pool table at the same time.

Five random facts about yourself:

1) Passion for pool (was president of my universities pool club).

2) Love games, I contribute to a YouTube channel with game related videos that gets a fair amount of traffic.

3) I consider myself a Tetris Master.

4) I make a mean chocolate fondant.

5) I can match the world record for most Ferrero Roches eaten in a minute.

What did you study at university?

I studied Mathematics (undergraduate) and Games Development (Masters) at the University of East Anglia.

When you graduated from University did you know that you wanted to work in digital?

Initially no. Whilst doing maths I was constantly told that I'd end up becoming an analyst - but I didn’t know what that entailed. So when it came to looking for work I checked out the different breeds of analysts. The Web Analyst job description stood out to me as something I’d enjoy doing. I wasn’t wrong. Periscopix have brought me up to speed quickly and I can safely say that I’m enjoying it all so far.

Why did you choose to work at Periscopix over other companies?

When I was doing my research on Periscopix, I found myself looking through the “Meet the Team” section in a “Facebook stalker-ish” kind of way. It was here that I came across Mr Ed Mason’s profile (A Senior Web Analyst who would later become my Team Leader). His bio was funny, personable and made working at Periscopix look like fun. I had my heart set on it from there.

How did you find the interview process? Were you well prepared?

Yes, despite my fears. I think I interviewed quite well. I did a fair amount of research so that I actually knew about Periscopix's different services. My main focus was to try and get my personality across. I didn’t worry about my grades at Uni or anything like that, I figured that I must have the grade prerequisites if I got to the interview stage. So I just tried to make my interviewers laugh and have a good time, being sure never to answer a question with just “Yes” or “No”.

What do you love most about working at Periscopix?

The people for sure. There isn't a bad word to say about anyone. There is a great balance between work and play amongst the Analytics team in particular.

Which client accounts do you work on?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your job recently?

At the moment I’m one of a few people that are using the new GTM version 2 for a client.

What is the best company social you have attended/ organised and why?

Dodgeball, it was my first social and I felt right at home, plus it was loads of fun.

What do you get up to during your lunch breaks?

Sometimes if I feel like treating myself, I'll head down to the Draft House with some of the other GA'ers for one of the best burgers in town.

What advice would you give to a budding Web Analyst?

Know the role. What are the main tools that are used? Get familiar with what GA and GTM do and how they work (interface etc). Try and get to know the lingo (what is A/B testing, VPVs, segment etc?).

Want to join the team?

We are always recruiting for new Web Analysts, so if you'd like to join our dream team apply for a role here.

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