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Where we have led, others have followed and having looked at the competition, we’re proud to say, we’re still the best.

Hello Market grew from a realisation at DMP that the future for direct marketing was firmly down the personalisation route. We developed Hello Market because at the time there was nothing out there which would meet our needs to create individualised, effective direct mail that made the most of combining the advances in digital print tech and our understanding of data insights. Our technical and marketing gurus have kept on top of the fast-paced digital world ever since, making sure Hello Market continued to adapt and grow to retain its leading edge.

Now, as we predicted three years ago (a very long time in the fast-paced world of technology), personalisation has never been as crucial for winning business and influencing people. And it’s only just moving into the marketing driving seat.

As technology advances, more and more possibilities are out there for easily and efficiently targeting potential customers, which is what personalisation is all about.

More is known about people than ever before, from gender to address, age, income group, likes, dislikes, latest purchases, all giving insights to enable businesses to spot their hottest prospects and home in on them.

We have social media adverts targeting specific people based on their click history and smart ads are now gathering momentum on television.

But printed, direct mail, targeted to individuals with changing images and text is, we believe, the very best option available to SMEs as it is affordable, effective and easy to use. Step in Hello Market as the tool to create these dynamic communications.

Now Hello Market is starting to get its imitators but we say bring it on. There is no greater endorsement to our foresight and expertise than others playing catch up.

We’re proud and pleased to be the innovators, leading where others follow and still at the forefront in our field.

To learn more about Hello Market and how it could help your business click here.

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