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10 Reasons to Love Video Marketing


It commands attention

Video marketing is engaging, interactive and impressive. It gains & holds everyone's attention.

Endorsed by the best brands

In 2015, 75% of the World’s Coolest Brands, used video marketing in their marketing mix because of the way it super-powers a message.

It’s modern and interactive

By combining video marketing (especially with Video brochures) with more traditional methods of direct marketing mail, you can ensure the delivery of your message is both digital and physical, engaging with your clients on both levels and getting straight into the hands and minds of your customers or prospects.

Multi-sensory for extra impact

Appealing to more than one sense at a time, is a highly effective way to communicate. With video marketing, your customers can watch, listen and interact with your message. They’re immersed in the brand and gain an immediate feel for your product or service.​

It’s impressive

By presenting your message in personalised and engaging video, you can help stand out - in a way that print only traditional formats can’t - helping to give you the edge over your competitors.

Boosts recall

Video marketing is both engaging & interactive and people are more likely to remember your brand and message. This increases the likelihood of you gaining the attention of hard-to-reach audiences and important, highly discerning prospects.

It’s hyper-personalised

The length, design and creative of your video message can be designed to your precise requirements. You can also include a personal message with unique PURLs to each customer to increase maximum interaction.​

Scalable and sophisticated

You can design your video message to focus on targeting your top customers and prospects as well as additional videos for wider campaigns.

It has breakthrough quality

Video marketing can allow you to cut through like no other target-marketing format.

It’s the intelligent choice

Video marketing can transform how your customers perceive and react to your business. And in a world of banal marketing messages, creating an engaging and memorable marketing message will make sure you’re remembered.

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