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2020 Gold Best B2B


Agency: True


Campaign Name: The 7 Strengths of Stone: Test Series

Campaign Overview

Success written in stone

In a highly commoditised market Rockwool sought to differentiate its rock-based insulation products. It proved the competitiveness and resonance of its brand by building fame, affinity and engagement with a James Bond-style approach.


Rockwool believes the superior performance of its products sets them apart. True chose to dramatise the capabilities of product differentiators ‘The 7 Strengths of Stone’ with a video series to build engagement among construction industry contacts, telling the story of each strength in a way which would surprise and delight.

Drilling into each of the 7 Strengths, it was clear that there were amazing stories to be told. Longer-form content was required to tell the full story of each of the strengths and highlight the client’s focus on product innovation.

The content distribution strategy used owned social media, promoting the films on Facebook and Instagram to drive audiences to product content on Rockwool’s website.


In a sector cemented in rational and technical product information Rockwool needed to be bold and entertain.

True, partnering with Gaucho Film, created a James Bond-style ‘test lab’ in the client’s Innovation Factory in Copenhagen, casting its Head of R&D as ‘Q’ to conduct a series of extreme live product tests that would entertain with a light touch of wry Scandinavian humour. The films also celebrated the firm’s Danish heritage that is synonymous with product innovation.

The test lab ensured the films were grounded in a scientific and technical world, with a message of innovation at the heart of the creative platform, while creating a genuine narrative that would bring to life the company’s personality.

The scripts also featured board-level executives who backed the campaign to communicate the pride, passion and confidence they have in their products. In one film, Rockwool’s CMO sat under a makeshift umbrella made out of the firm’s material while 1.5 tonnes of water was dropped above her head to test water-repellent properties.


The Test Series created a fresh, authentic brand narrative which connected with the core audience. Bolder work paid dividends as the campaign saw unprecedented levels of engagement, causing the Rockwool website to crash at one point and increasing the company’s Facebook following by 26% in the first three months of the campaign.

Facebook post engagement rate was 30.7%, 1435% higher than the average rate of 2%. Cost per view for paid activity dropped from £0.31 to £0.05, extending the reach of paid activity by 520%.

Video completion rates were 29%, an excellent result considering each film was up to two minutes long.

CTR was 717% above the industry average. Crucially, the average time spent interacting with product information after viewing one of the films increased by 400%, from an average of 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes. The films not only entertained, they also successfully communicated the product benefits in a way that created genuine interest.

More than 11,000 leads were directly attributed to the campaign in the first three months after launch.


True Agency - Cos Mingides, Founding Partner - Tom Busby, Account Director - Richard Parsons, Founding Partner - Jamie Bennett, Senior Creative - Christina Angus, Senior Creative - Sanjeev Kana, Senior Digital Designer


Gaucho Film