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2020 Bronze Best Use of Film, Video or Moving Image


Agency: ELVIS

Client: Mondelez

Campaign Name: Creme Egg EATertainment

Campaign Overview

Streaming for chocoholics

Could Creme Egg successfully switch from TV to social and become an entertainment provider?


Creme Egg is an unchanging product in a category dominated by novelty and innovation. The onus is on marketing to ensure the brand remains relevant and delivers fast sales results needed during the product's short stint on shelf.

The brand desired a new idea to ensure it stayed front of mind for the UK’s diverse audience of chocolate eaters. Primary research showed Creme Egg remained iconic - the immersive eating experience remained a genuine talking point.

But consumers are now less likely to watch TV, favouring a more personalised, on-demand approach to entertainment consumption. Rather than disrupting their viewing, Creme Egg wanted to become part of it.


ELVIS, working with Kraft Films and Carat, created Creme Egg EATertainment: the world's first streaming service for chocolate lovers. It comprised three cinematic short films and four mini-series of 17 snackable episodes, totalling 2.6 hours of content.

Each story got people to think about Creme Egg in an unexpected and fun way. “Armegeddon” imagined a world where supplies are running out, and the eggs were coveted. “The Other Half” was a tear-jerking story of love in the later years.

The streaming service also had ASMR episodes, culinary adventure series “Girl vs Goo”, and an “Eggs Rated” section, designed to tantalise and seduce the senses.

The video content was teased across social and digital channels, with trailers driving people to watch the full-length films via the platform.


Creme Egg EATertainment proved objectives could be achieved without TV. Digital content delivered a total of 157.1 million impressions across social platforms.

The brand’s reframing to become an entertainment provider worked, with a total of 684 hours of content was watched on the streaming service alone, more than doubling the view-through rate across all channels.

Engagement translated into business impact with increased penetration, market share and sales volume.

The Team

ELVIS - Rob Griffiths, Creative Director - James Hudson, Creative Director - Neale Horrigan, Executive Creative Director - Camilla Yates, Strategy Director - Chris Dorn, Design Director - Beth Stanbridge, Designer - Bene Tanser, Senior Motion Designer - Luis Viana, Motion Designer - Steve Thornton, Tech Director - Joel Mitchell, Senior Motion Designer - Louis Mason, Creative Producer - Danny Brooks, Digital Producer - Caroline Davison, Managing Partner - Michelle Simons, Account Director - Sacha Bachir, Account Manager Armeggeddon - Adam Wimpenny, Director

The Other Half - Robin Mason, Director The Gooru - Zac Ella, Director

Girl vs Goo - George Sawyer, Director

That Jam, Director

The Last Delivery


Kraft Films, Carat