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2020 Bronze Best Use of Email


Client: NSPCC

Campaign Name: Say, Sing, Play - helping parents and babies bond.

Campaign Overview

Helping parents and babies bond

Good interactions with babies are crucial for development, but not all parents have the tools and confidence to succeed. NSPCC set out to change that.


The charity, working with Vroom and Leo Burnett, wanted to use emails to give new parents the tools and confidence to build stronger bonds with their babies. This would involve:
  • Informing parents about the science of child development, motivating them to take action
  • Giving parents the information needed to improve their interactions
  • Normalising behaviours, making purposeful interaction top-of-mind

The team created a two-year email journey, which delivers weekly tailored tips and activities to parents' in-boxes based on the exact age of their baby. Emails help to explain the development stage, and introduces activities that babies and parents can do together to help build the little one’s brain.


When designing the campaign, the charity wanted a fun and attractive way to inspire behaviour change in parents.

It developed a theory of change model which was built on existing insights from the NSPCC’s research. A target audience was identified, along with the best content, most appropriate tone and key channel: email.

The concept, “Look Say Sing Play”, is a weekly email subscription which focuses on introducing good interactions with babies in day-to-day life. More than 100 unique emails were developed, each explaining a baby's development during that week and delivered a brain-building activity.

An automated journey was set up triggering the right content to each parent based on the age of their child at the point of sign-up. Emails are customised based on NSPCC comms opt-in, with more information about the charity included for those who had consented.


The campaign acquired 2800% more new sign-ups than expected. Engagement with the email content has been consistently high, while open rates hit an average of 38%.

Based on survey feedback, 94% of recipients felt the activities and tips were age and stage appropriate for their children, showing the journey was designed in a supporter-centric way.

The Team

NSPCC - Kristina Stephens, Project manager and Behaviour change - Declan Henesy, Digital Content Officer - Holly Hawkins, Digital Marketing Officer- Anna Hessenbruch, Supporter Experience Strategist - Emma Nye, Communications Manager - Rachel McCourty, Research and Insight Manager


Vroom, Leo Burnett