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Senzing: Get up to date with subject access requests


This webinar aims to increase awareness and provide guidance for both contact centres and brands regarding the procedures following a subject access request.

We will discuss the challenges companies face as they attempt to comply with GDPR subject access requests. And, how single subject search technologies can streamline processes, save time, reduce risk and help ensure compliance.

Tune in and you will:

  • Hear from Chair, Steve Sullivan, founder at Channel Doctors and Dave Clark both members of the DMA Contact Centre council on handling receipt of a subject access request within a contact centre
  • Learn more from Jeff Jonas, Founder and CEO, Senzing and Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Evangelist, IBM on why searching for data about residents is more complex than you realize, and discover how single subject search reduces your compliance time and improves results
  • Get your questions answered about how to operationalise an efficient and effective subject access request response program

This is a bespoke webinar, created to answer your most pressing questions surrounding a subject of increasing importance.

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