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Semiotics, AI, and the Future of Customer Engagement

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Today’s data-savvy consumer has come to expect a much greater understanding of their needs more than ever before.

But what other methods are there?

This webinar will cover the following discussion points:

  1. A brief history of semiotics
  2. An informative overview of what is meant by semiotics in customer engagement
  3. How semiotics has been used effectively in customer engagement campaigns, and how it can be used as an alternative to AI
  4. Where to start with semiotic analysis

Will Hawkins, Senior Planner, &You London, will be chairing the event and sharing insight from his 8 years in market research, data, CRM, and brand planning.

During the webinar you will:

  • Get to the nitty gritty of semiotics in customer engagement
  • Hear from Alex Gordon, Founder & CEO of Sign Salad, a cultural insight agency specialising in semiotics, who’ll reveal the business benefit of semiotics, and its vital role in providing a level of customer engagement that every brand is looking for
  • Learn insights that’ll permanently change the way you look at the world, and not just when you are at work from Dr Rachel Lawes, Semiotician and Consumer Psychologist, Lawes Consulting

We’ll see you there.


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