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Privacy, regulation and you


Get the latest guidance on Responsible Marketing with our privacy and regulation webinar series.

Offering key insights into how to embed a culture of respect for data protection within your organisation, how to protect your brand and to create marketing that benefits you and your customers.

This session is on data protection by design.

Data protection by design focuses on considering data and privacy issues upfront in everything you do. It can help you ensure that you comply with the GDPR’s fundamental principles and requirements and forms part of the focus on accountability.

The DMA’s legal and external affairs team and Andrew Bridges, data governance manager, REaD Group show you how to foster and embed the data protection by design culture within your business.

Chaired by Skip Fidura, Chair of the DMA Responsible Marketing Committee, you will:

  • Hear from experts on how best to embed a culture of respect for data protection in an organisation, along with covering how best to train your staff and make data protection a brand asset
  • Listen to case studies showing examples of where a culture has been successfully implemented and how it was done, followed by a panel discussion
  • Learn how to engage marketers on privacy issues and get them to buy into the importance of GDPR and making data protection business as usual

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