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Persado: Marketing Creative - From human + Guesswork, to human + Machine


AI allows marketers to go beyond learning what works, and understand why it works.

Join Assaf Baciu, co-founder, Persado, alongside Virgin, and William Wapshott, marketing transformation lead - customer and digital consulting, PwC for a webinar on how AI can help you gain invaluable insights into your customer base, and win every digital marketing moment.

Hear Assaf address real-life examples of how brands like Dell, Vodafone, and Charity Water move the needle by using AI to impact marketing creative, evaluate a campaign and recommend best performing elements across audience segments.

Chaired by Clare Willetts, brand director and head of customer experience, Virgin, you’ll learn:

  • How marketing teams can move towards greater creative personalisation and accountability
  • The steps brands need to take to get in front of the AI revolution
  • What defines your brand voice, how it reflects what consumers think of you and the words that drive brand engagement

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