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Marketreach: Transform your CX with Customer Mail


Customer Mail - letters, bills, and updates - can boost the bottom line, yet it is rarely considered as part of the customer experience for several reasons, including:

  • People don't measure it, even though JICMAIL tells us customer mail has the highest interactions of all
  • There's a common misconception mail is not sustainable and digital is - although this perception is shifting
  • Senior decision-makers often view mail as a cost and not something brands should use to invest in their customer relationships

However, in reality, Customer Mail sits at the heart of the customer experience as it is highly valued by consumers for its clarity, helpfulness, and relevance. 

This online session discusses the newly launched research from Marketreach. 

Chaired by Stephen Maher, CEO, MBAstack, you'll also hear from:

  • Amanda Griffiths, Head of Customer Communication Planning and Insight, Royal Mail Marketreach 
  • Sheila Hooper, Former Director of Performance Optimisation and Business Planning, Barclays
  • Patrick Headley, CEO, Go Inspire Group

Join our speakers for a presentation and panel discussion to uncover:

  • How to amplify your mail effectiveness to improve your customer experience and profitability
  • The key measures to focus on in order to extract the most relevant, actionable insights from your outputs
  • The distinct differences between mail and digital - and how to use them both well

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