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Learn how your employees and customers can cheerlead your social


Social media is influential.

And used the right way can boost your business and your brand massively.

But what if you could get the people who know you the best to shout the loudest about you on social?

Join Julie Atherton, MD at Small Wonder and Chair of our Social Media Council, Jeremy Stern managing director, PromoVeritas, and Hannah Bland, Digital Marketing Executive at Aviva Investors for an online lesson in making social work for you using the advocacy and influence of your employees and your customers.

They’ll tell you:

  • About the genesis and importance of the industry of brand advocacy and growth of influencers on social media
  • How brands reach out to customers and employees alike to help build their profile through social media
  • All about the best practice approaches to creating and growing your own approaches to social media advocacy

Julie will be joined by other social media experts, so watch this space as we build out our speaker line-up.


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