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Lead Forensics: Digital Strategies You Can't Ignore in 2021


The year 2020 had a lot of marketers scrambling to keep up. It was a year like no other with current events dramatically shaping digital trends. To survive and thrive again, marketers must be nimble and adapt new strategies quickly and precisely.

Join our panel of expert speakers Lilah Waite, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Lead Forensics, Carol Howley, VP of Marketing and Communications, Panintelligence, Alice De Courcy, Chief Marketing Officer, Cognism, Ruth Connor, Group Marketing Director, Kalibrate, Alex Kelly, Director of Digital Marketing, Ceros and Andy Davis, Head of Demand Generation, Attest who will be giving their take on matters such as:

  • The key opportunities that evolving digital strategies offer
  • How today’s marketers can tap into relevant trends and new technologies to drive the best results
  • The tools needed to drive success and the skills necessary to diversify your team
  • How best to navigate emerging digital initiatives and assess their business impact
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