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Drift: Step Up Your Website Interactions with Conversational Marketing


Research from Drift's 2021 State of Conversational Marketing report shows consumers' expectations for quick, personalised experiences have grown 26% since 2020.

As buying journeys grow more complex, removing friction from your digital channels is essential.

Companies that rise to meet these consumer expectations — while differentiating themselves from competitors — will become leaders in their markets.

This online session uncovers research from two of Drift’s reports: The State of Personalization and The Art and Science of a Conversation.

Dive into a presentation to learn how brands are using conversational marketing to upgrade their digital customer experience and skyrocket their ROI.

Chaired by Nicola Nimmo, Managing Director, MBAstack, you’ll also hear from:

  • George Bontea, Principal Solution Consultant, Drift

Join our speakers to discover:

  • How to make your sales and marketing more human through personalisation that scales
  • Key insights from over 41 million conversations, which translated, on average, into more than $1 billion in revenue
  • A step-by-step guide on how to scale your chat experience, as well as insight and statistics on chat functionality and preferences
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