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dotmailer: Examining the Marketer email tracker


Is email still the heart of a marketing mix that works? And is email an ROI winner or loser for marketers?

According to the marketer email tracker 2017 consumer inboxes are at breaking-point.

Join us for a webinar that tackles some of the biggest questions coming out of our mail boxes: How successful are ROI calculations? What ROI do marketers get from their email campaigns? How is email automation progressing? What messaging worked and what didn't?

As well as gaining invaluable insight from the key takeaways from the DMA marketer email tracker 2017, you will:

  • Hear expert advice from from chair, Jenna Tiffany, founder & strategy Director, Let'sTalk Strategy, client services director at dotmailer, Skip Fidura, with other experts to be announced
  • Delve into practical case studies from leading brands – complete with email tips and techniques
  • Learn from exclusive findings sure to help shape your business email strategy for the year ahead

Tune in us to hear this new research and ask the questions relevant to your business.


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