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dotdigital: A Look Behind the Curtain of Ecommerce Marketing Success


This online event uncovers research from dotdigital’s global ecommerce report: Hitting the Mark 2022.

Analysing 100 brands across the globe, the study offers ecommerce marketers a deep understanding of the trends and changes expected to shake up the industry.

In a presentation from Gavin Laugenie, Global Head of Content, dotdigital, you’ll learn:

  • What tactics are professionals adopting to engage their audiences at scale
  • Whether you’re ahead of the curve or falling behind the competition with your best practice adoption
  • The channels and tools you need to make your customer experience dreams a reality

Chaired by Skip Fidura, Fractional CMO, Leadscale Group, you’ll also hear from a panel of industry experts, including:

  • Camilla Bass, Content Marketing Manager, Fresh Relevance
  • Fiona Stevens, Head of Marketing, LoyaltyLion
  • Chris Simpson, CMO & Digital Director, More2
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