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Democratising Scotland's Data Talent


Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent calls for change in the way talent is approached to ensure Scotland can achieve the status of the data capital of Europe.

This paper calls on a range of experts to examine the potential pandemic data talent pool; and suggest ways to find and engage with the right people, even those who haven’t considered a career in data.

Join Howard Barber, Director of Insights and Analytics, Golden Charter, and Vice Chair, DMA Scotland as he outlines the key findings from Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent, a newly published paper from the DMA’s Value of Data campaign.

Tune in to hear:

  • Insights from Duncan Bain, Senior Data Scientist, Scottish Power on the data talent lifecycle
  • Guidance from Caroline Parkinson, Sector Lead - Creative Industries, Data Driven Innovation, who will give an overview of the Data-Driven Innovation Programme and its ten-year ambitions to develop Edinburgh into the data capital of Europe
  • Why the ability to attract and retain data talent has never been so important from Robin Huggins, Director of Academy and Client Services at MBN Solutions
  • How organisations can recruit and train a more diverse workforce, from a panel discussion featuring Kate Burnett, General Manager, DMA Talent
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