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Data Ethics in Practice


As an industry, we're creating more data than ever before.

Therefore, we must put the right foundations in place for future generations on how this data is used.

Part of the DMA's Value of Data campaign, tune in to increase your understanding of data bias, why you need to tackle it, and how you can.

In particular, you’ll explore case studies that highlight how data can create better and fairer products and services.

Chaired by Leila Seith Hassan, Head of Data Science and Analytics, Digitas UK, you’ll also hear from:

  • James Maddison, Senior Consultant, ODI
  • Di Mayze, Global Head of Data and AI, WPP
  • Gareth Burkhill-Howarth, Data Protection Officer, WPP

Join our speakers to uncover:

  • The most common types of bias, including confirmation, selection, and historic bias
  • Systems they've implemented in their organisations and key lessons learned
  • How to successfully overcome the challenges of data bias
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