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Anatomy of award winning copy with OLIVER


A masterclass in poke-fun-at-yourself copy.

Join us for a webinar hosted by Sam Jacobs, design director and James Fieldhouse, senior copywriter at OLIVER as they pick apart the copy they wrote for their 2017 DMA Award winning campaign, The Media Planner.

A copy-lead project that saw the team producing an 'educational children's book' that spelt out what The Guardian needed to say in a way even someone who works in media can understand.

The book is a cautionary tale that follows the contrasting fortunes of two sets of planners as they navigate the world of media planning through hangovers, market research and an ad misplacement that leads to allegations of racism.

Written by those in media, for those in media, it's a perfect example of how creative a B2B project can be; lampooning the rise of the right, social justice warriors, nepotism and farmers' markets to name but a few.

This webinar is a fantastic opportunity to discover the blood, sweat and tears that goes into award-worthy copy – from the ideas behind the book to the unusual challenges they faced.

Join us online and know the power behind writing funny.

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