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Simon Gray

Simon Gray

Principal Consultant - CACI | Chair of the DMA Agency Council

Principal Conusultant at CACI and formerly Partner at Fuel, an Engine Group agency.

I have a strong background in direct marketing having spent many years helping businesses utilise the latest in direct communications. Around 5 years ago my head was turned by data and more importantly what can be done with it to help drive personal communications, all underpinned by technology.

At CACI I work with clients across the full marketing spectrum helping them make the best use of data and technology to help deliver personalised conversations. 

Having sat on the Agencies Council for over a year, I have recently been elected Chair and will be leading the council to help the DMA offer the best possible services and ensure best pracitce.

On the occasions I’m not working I coach under 11s at Blackheath Rugby club and am a born again rugby fan.