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Rob Kavanagh

Rob Kavanagh

Rob Kavanagh – Creative Director

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Rob cut his teeth in big agencies in a small country. It introduced him to all facets of integrated marketing from the humble DM letter through to the hallowed 60-second spot.

He arrived in London September 11th 2001 (yes, that day) and has copywritten his way through a raft of London agencies finally settling at Proximity London where he is Creative Director.

Along the way he’s been lucky enough to pick up a handy clutch of awards – everywhere from Cannes to New York to Billingsgate. Across brands as diverse as IBM, RNLI and every copywriter’s Everest: The Economist.

He’s been a GRT trustee coming up 2 years, and ready to roll sleeves and pull contacts to help you break into this fantastic industry.