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NP6 Group

NP6 Group

a leader in SaaS marketing


NP6 Group is a SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing software provider. We specialise in building tools to support and enable companies and organisations in their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

It is in response to the challenges of digitalising exchanges between brands and consumers that we designed the “NP6 Experience Solutions” offer, aimed at company marketing departments. Consisting of professional platforms and services, this offer is intended to provide support for companies in their digital transformation:

- NP6 CM (Conversational Marketing):
The 1st customer-centric DMP which natively integrates email, SMS and social media marketing activation.

- NP6 DMR (Digital Market Research):
The 1st platform dedicated to the digitalisation of quantitative studies.


We believe that for companies, customer relations should involve reasoned and highly-customised dialogue with their customers. The increasing digitalisation of exchanges between companies and consumers, in particular through digital marketing levers, create ever-increasing volumes of data and opportunities to engage in conversation.

We are convinced that for brands, this data represents a unique opportunity to increase the value of their customer knowledge and optimise the way in which they deliver their messages.

So as to help companies in this responsible dialogue, we create marketing platforms allowing them to manage varied data, enrich their customer knowledge and interact in a hyper-customised way with their customers.

Beyond the technologies that we offer, we are there to support our customers, helping them to add and analyse their data and providing them with insights which can easily be activated through modular solutions adapted to their requirements.