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Ian Bates

Ian Bates

Prophecy Unlimited
Creative Director

Ian is a multi-award-winning creative who has brought his relentless enthusiasm to blue-chip brands including Costa, Very, Cow & Gate, Barclaycard, Aptamil, Glenmorangie, Aviva and Danone brands in global markets.

His passion has ignited the many creative teams he has led over the years, helping to establish two agencies and now leading the charge at The Real Adventure Unlimited, part of the Unlimited Group. During this time he’s championed the integration of disciplines such as social, digital experience and content into traditional creative structures.

He’s a member of the DMA Grand Prix panel and a judge for D&AD, DMA, CIMTiG and BIMA, as well as former Vice Chair of the DMA Agency Council. He has launched a number of industry events including ZEDTalks and speaks at many others.