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Gilbert Hill

Gilbert Hill

Institute of Data & Marketing
Privacy Technologist, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Privacy Technologist, Speaker and Entrepreneur - currently Chief Strategy Officer at Pool Data.

After a career in Finance, as MD of London digital agency Gilbert grew fascinated by the relationship between data, digital marketing and regulation, founding Optanon, a pioneering software product in the ‘PrivTech’ sector, and Cookiepedia, a knowledge base for consumer tracking on the Web.

Gilbert has advised, educated and helped businesses, investors and non-profits understand and build on the risks and opportunities around E-Privacy, GDPR, Ethical Marketing and Web Governance on a consultancy basis.

Gilbert Chairs the Responsible Marketing Committee of the DMA, and is member of its Privacy Working Group, having previously Chaired the Mobile & Connected Council.
Gilbert enjoys making time for public speaking, advocacy and contribution to the debate around Data Privacy in the context of Blockchain, Ethics and Digital Transformation via the press, international events and media.