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StyleSnap will Empty Your Pockets


Where did she get that wrap dress? What about those hoops? And look how cool are his trainers!

Sound familiar?

I bet the people on your Instagram look all glam, lush and so fashion…

Well, it looks like you’ll finally get your answers to who bought what form where, and now you can get that dress you love so much delivered to your front door.

Indeed, Amazon seem to have found the answer to all your fashion needs with StyleSnap, an AI-powered feature presented at the re: MARS 2019 conference.

You can now take a photograph or a screenshot of a look that you like, click the camera icon in the Amazon App and select the “StyleSnap” option.

Once you’ve uploaded a photograph, or screenshot, of a fashion look that you like, StyleSnap will recommend similar items on Amazon considering a variety of factors such as brand, price range, and customer reviews.

Apparently, Amazon isn’t the first retailer to offer a search feature - ASOS, Wayfair, and Target all have set similar tools in place, but the technology is still in its early days of development.

Deep learning is the answer

Thanks to deep learning and computer vision, StyleSnap identifies apparel items in a photo, regardless of setting and classifies them into categories.

‘Deep learning’ refers to a class of machine learning techniques based on artificial neural networks. They are inspired by the working of the human brain where millions of artificial neurons are connected to each other and can be trained to detect images.

In the last few years we’ve seen Amazon’s struggle with the fashion side of their business. However, the launch of StyleSnap shows they aren’t going to give up just yet.

Plus, Amazon knows how good it is with artificial intelligence, it’s just a matter of using this strength purposefully and give it the right shape. As the Consumer Worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke said, “The simplicity of the customer experience belies the complexity of the technology behind it”.

To learn more visit The Amazon Blog and The Verge’s article.

Snap a pic and get ready to empty your pockets!

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