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Merry Christ-mess!


Mulled wine (or prosecco – your choice), the Christmas tree lights and quality family/friends time: we all love Christmas, Grinches a part. Mintel did some research in this wonderful time of the year that brings good vibes and hopes, but might carry some stress too.

But, what does make Christmas so magic?

When asked to complete the phrase “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…” Brits’ top responses were:

  • Christmas songs (56%)
  • Christmas movie (52%)
  • Christmas TV adverts (41%)
  • Christmas leftovers (38%)
  • Brussels sprouts (33%) - a firm favourite in the West Midlands (38%) but considerably less important to the busy Londoners (26%)

However, the survey also reveals that 36% of Brits say that they feel stressed at Christmas.

Top pf their worries is the cost of buying presents (46%), as well as buying the right ones (43%) and more generally not being able to have everything ready on time (27%).

Moving to the actual Christmas day, people are stressed by cooking Christmas lunch or dinner (20%) and feel uncomfortable with spending time with family members at Christmas who they don’t get on with.

However you feel about Christmas the DMA research team would like to wish you a great time - enjoy, relax and in case you are stressing yourself out, don’t worry, it will all be over before you know it!

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