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GDPR: A consumer perspective


The GDPR is a huge opportunity - not a threat.

And the latest DMA and Acxiom research supports that thesis, crucially taking in the consumer perspective.

People value honesty and transparency, and will enter into a data exchange with brands that can prove they hold true to those values.

But there are many more reasons to be GDPR-optimistic in this report. Read on to learn:

  • Most consumers see the benefit of personalised marketing
  • This comfort with personalisation increases the likelihood of a mutually beneficial data exchange
  • Consumers feel the GDPR has elements that will matter to them personally
  • That consumers feel emboldened by the GDPR - and will share their data accordingly with the companies they trust

The full report is a hop and a click away, with summaries and key takeway sections that help you speed up your learning

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