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DM Trust invests over £200k in schemes to raise standards and support education within data-driven marketing

Industry charity offers bursaries, funds and grants to ensure a sustainable future,
calling for more individuals and organisations to apply for funding

The DM Trust was created with the mission of creating a sustainable future for data-driven marketing by distributing funds to support the best new talent coming into the industry and promoting fairness to consumers. Today the Trust can reveal that it has invested in excess of £200,000 over the last year in campaigns to raise the standards of the industry and support the education of its next generation of talent.

The funding includes nearly £50,000 to support specialist campaigns, such as workshops to improve the way the sector engages with vulnerable consumers. In addition, over £25,000 in funding went to encouraging the next generation of talent into marketing-related study, with a further £125,000 supporting the Creative Data Academy and Summer School that IDM-DMA Employability put on to encourage students into the marketing industry.

The DM Trust remains open to applications and funds are available to groups or organisations with initiatives that raise the standards of the industry, either through nurturing talent or promoting responsible marketing best practice.

Rosemary Smith, Chair of the DM Trust, said: “We are proud of the fantastic work we’ve been able to achieve in the last year and continue to welcome applications. There are funds available for initiatives that promote responsible marketing and help academic institutions, as well as their students, to achieve excellence in the field of data driven marketing.”

The DM Trust comprises two distinct grant-giving committees which distribute dedicated funds: the Derek Holder Legacy Fund and the Consumer Grants Fund. Funds left by IDM founder Derek Holder are dedicated to delivering the Derek Holder Bursaries and other awards to attract talent into the industry

To find out more or to apply for a grant, please visit:

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