Ways to amp up creativity

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Keeping your team motivated can be tricky. We all have times where we hit a creative roadblock and overcoming said roadblock can be difficult, so how do we amp up creativity and boost motivation?

Add play to your day

Play can 'play' a big part in increasing creativity. Gone are the days where time off, or taking a full lunch break are frowned upon, now they are most definitely needed in order to ensure teams are well rested and motivated.

By slowing adding play into the workplace it gives your team the space they need to gather their thoughts and gain inspiration by having a bit of fun.

Get the pool table, you know you want to.

Give them space

Creativity can come into action wherever you are, however, sometimes a change of scenery can help give it a little boost.

Why not work in a different place for a day? Grab your laptops and head to a café or hotel and watch the ideas flow, it's crazy how a different place and space can make so much difference. It doesn't hurt to get out of the office.

Creative workshops

Don't let the 'work' in workshop throw you off, a creative workshop is a great way to amp up creativity and bounce ideas off each other.

Whether you do this as an away day, or simply book a room out and organise some performance-boosting activities, you're all set.

Not only is it good to take a break from the norm every now and then, but it gives everyone the chance to get creative, competitive and have some fun.


It's vital that your team feel inspired. Talks, workshops, and panel meetings are a great way to pique their interest and hear and learn from inspiring people within the business. Regularly doing this will ignite creativity.

Creativity is the cornerstone of innovation - taking your work from average to outstanding. A day-to-day commitment to boosting creativity is essential for any team throughout the business.

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