Bill Bernbach - in interview | DMA

"The real basis for persuasion is to understand what motivates a man" - the great Bill Bernbach in interview with the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) president John Crichton in 1977

Bernbach is in fine form in these vintage pair of videos, produced in 1977. Yes, punk was exploding in both New York and London at the time, but his appearance and manner seem from another age. His reccommendations are timeless.

Remember, these were produced before desktop computers or really any of the common tools for modern life so it could be assumed that his opinions are irrelevant. Far from it.

Bernbach also has what could best be described as a twinkle in his eye - a little bit of mischief. Watch below.

And part 2, where he talks about research, and his thinking behind the groundbreaking Levy's Real Jewish Rye Bread campaign, much of the copy written by Judy Protas, and how, "all those new inventions are not going to create a new idea. That little thing - sitting by yourself and getting an idea is more important than all the technology in the world," he says.

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