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Wednesday, 20th January 2016
- 16:00


The best way for a marketer to find out how well their email messaging performs is to ask questions of their audience. 

To help build a picture around consumer attitudes towards email, we launched a study sponsored by dotmailer, quizzing over 1,000 consumers. The study captured how people feel about the emails that land in their ever-more crowded inboxes, whilst also digging into trends, practices and taking a look at the future of email.

This webinar examines the study results in fine detail and builds on our recent launch event at the Royal Society of Chemistry where we unveiled the findings and discussed the leading themes in brief.

Skip Fidura, head of client services at dotmailer, leads the session. He will examine the results, build on some of the key findings and tell us what marketers can learn from the study in order to build more effective email campaigns.

Skip will be followed by Lisa Stone, head of online marketing at FairFX. Lisa offers the FairFX view on the results, discussing how the findings have impacted strategic thinking there and she also discusses consumer email attitudes in the context of the FairFX marketing automation plan.

This is a great chance for marketers to get the inside consumer view on email, delivered by experts in email marketing. Quick learnings, quality insight and actionable strategic thinking that combine to make an immediate impact on your marketing.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lucy Chapman.

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