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Wednesday, 29th March 2017
- 16:00


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What makes a campaign worthy of winning an award? Find out online as Royal Mail MarketReach presents a detailed trend analysis of DMA Award winners with Stack Agency, and WDMP take you behind the scenes of their work for Hiscox.

Winning an award gives you more everything: better commercial performance, better ROI, all in addition to a trophy.

See what winning a DMA Award can mean for your business as we trawl through five years worth of entries to see what difference those awards made.

Tod Norman, communications planner - content lead at Royal Mail MarketReach will present. He is joined by Caroline Kimber, data strategy director at Stack Agency, DMA Awards Committee member and category chair. They will share:

  • Winning trends over the years
  • What makes winners stand out
  • How to absorb these insights into your marketing

In addition, hear a case study by WDMP on their DMA Silver Award-winning work for Hiscox.


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