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Join us on either Tuesday 10 July 2018 or Wednesday 27 March 2019 for a fully-immersive session designed to help you decipher the brilliance behind a great campaign.

A crucial event aimed at mid-senior level marketing practitioners and for those looking to refine how they use data, harness creativity and champion technology to build brand awareness. You’ll learn how to engage potential supporters and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

The labs are limited to 18 delegates to ensure an optimised learning experience and closer access to the experts. 

You will:

  • Break down the barriers between data teams, creative teams, and technology to enable a fully collaborative business approach
  • Work in a risk-free environment, on a live brief, with the ability to explore new ideas with new people
  • Network with fellow professionals from other marketing principles

We are looking for people who are experts in either the data, technology or creative disciplines, as we would like a variety of people from each to generate a diverse range of perspectives on the day.

DMA member organisations can apply for one free scholarship per year (Our financial year runs from April - March). For non members and any additional DMA member applicants from the same company, the cost of the course is £400 (+VAT). 

Successful applicants will be notified via email towards the end of June and February.


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