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The NDL Group


12, Deane House Studios
Greenwood Place
United Kingdom

The NDL Group supports big brands, media owners and their agencies, delivering 100% compliant global promotion & rewards programmes, designed to wow staff and customers.

Using their proprietary technology system, Promotigoâ„¢, NDL delivers increased efficiency across multi-territories through a single platform, manages complex procedures such as high volume code verification or global cashback payments, and provides real-time accountability and measurement.

With specialist legal knowledge and promotional entry mechanic experience, NDL executes all details behind the scenes, helping clients focus on achieving their core business objectives, including brand engagement, customer acquisition, staff and customer retention and loyalty.

In fact, NDL have worked on some of Europe's biggest and best-known promotional campaigns. With clients as diverse as McDonald's, Universal, XBOX and Camelot, the company has built a firm reputation for delivering successful promotional strategies, underpinned by reliable technology platforms, inspirational prize content and 5 star winner fulfilment.

We'd love to hear about your next promotion. Call us on 020 7428 1212 or email