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DMA | Organisation | Return On Investment Ltd
Return On Investment Ltd


Pepper House
Cheshire East
United Kingdom

We deliver a range of effective and integrated outsourced fleet solutions to our clients, resulting in increased operational efficiency, sales and customer satisfaction.

Traditionally thought of as a lead generation & appointment setting company, we have grown and developed a number of services for the automotive sector supporting the sales, marketing and fleet areas for both vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and dealers.

We have over 10 years experience of working with 20 brands in the Fleet Automotive sector and have developed rigorous and proven best practice approaches in many areas, obtaining ISO9001 in the process. Our highly motivated teams of people are experts in their field and bring a depth and breadth of talent and experience to each client project, which when combined with our expertise across a number of CRM platforms, has resulted in us becoming the fastest growing automotive support agency in the UK.

Last year we booked 17,216 appointments for fleet specialists, delivered 19,101 demonstration vehicles, processed 9214 agreements, and made 134,768 calls on behalf of our clients.