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DMA | Organisation | Intermedia Global Limited
Intermedia Global Limited


17 Stephenson Court
Fraser Road
MK44 3WJ
United Kingdom

We provide high-quality data solutions alongside standout content, creative, digital and direct marketing campaigns.

Hello, we are IMG or Intermedia Global to use our full name if you prefer. We provide high-quality data alongside standout content, creative, digital and direct marketing campaigns. We've evolved over 20 years, from a starting point as a full-service provider of global B2B data solutions, to today, a fully-fledged B2B marketing agency providing deep insights and data alongside award-winning marketing campaigns.

Cutting-edge, change-making, and ground-breaking. Whatever you call us, we're proud to be making a difference for marketers across the globe.

We were founded in 2003 and we've been successfully supplying B2B organisations with data solutions ever since. We're known internationally for our deep industry knowledge, decades of experience, and the way we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our client base stretches far and wide, right across the USA, EMEA and Asia Pacific.
With IMG you get a suite of data solutions to help you grow your business and reduce time and money wasted on outdated unqualified, untargeted data. Our clients work with us because we work with them, not just for them and together we ensure our data solutions deliver them the best results every time.