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Our unique platform features take away your lead generation pain. We are fully committed to ensuring that the data we provide is fully validated and GDPR-compliant, so that you are only paying for high-quality leads, rather than facing the annoyingly familiar chore of having to sift through hundreds of sub-standard leads in the hope you might unearth the occasional diamond.

Syndication: Our network of publishers means that you don't need to manage multiple website and list owners. You can simplify your lead generation programmes by consolidating your syndication activities into the Demand Exchange platform, freeing your business from the burden of having to manage multiple relationships.

Data capture: Our platform has been built to make gathering data as simple and as efficient as possible. Our embeddable smart forms integrate seamlessly into publisher websites through simple code and the format is flexible so you can prioritise the data that is most important for your business.

Verification and validation: All data collected is verified in real time for authenticity. Our aim is to ensure that your marketing and sales staff are not wasting time. There is also a multi-step inspection process to ensure the quality and integrity of your data.

Lead qualification: We ensure that the data we collect matches exactly against the criteria that define a good lead for your business. You only pay for the data you have asked for. We also work with your ABM to include or exclude particular businesses.

Data enrichment: We can augment lead data with up to 200 columns of additional profiling and firmagraphic information gathered from third-party sources. This allows you to prioritise your leads, and equip your sales teams with extra information to inform their sales conversations.

Data output: We make sure the way you receive data is as hassle-free as possible enabling both exports and API integrations. We enable seamless outputs into any business system, hassle-free and at the press of a button.

Reporting, analytics and tracking ROI: We provide intelligence about how your assets are performing, and the types of lead you are generating. We make it easy to see how you are performing against different criteria, including in different industries and countries and carry out accurate attribution.