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Appco Group UK


Studio 320
53-79 Highgate Road
United Kingdom

Appco Group UK is the largest field-marketing agency in the UK, delivering quality face-to-face customer acquisition and direct sales solutions to commercial and charity partners.

The UK business is the largest in the global Appco Group, which specialises in promoting and selling products and services on behalf of blue-chip companies, as well as acquiring long-term donors for well-known charities. 

Based in our London head office, the team includes experts in fundraising, energy, home efficiency and home delivery, as well as in sales support, product development, account management and communications. 

We partner with a network of independent marketing companies, which provide us with our professional field sales and donor acquisition teams.

Every day, the independent field-marketing representatives contracted through our network speak directly to thousands of people.

This helps us to create a connection with our clients’ target markets and deliver to our clients in excess of $US4 billion in revenue, globally every year, via the new customers or donors we acquire for them. 

Field sales & marketing in the UK 

Appco Group was established in the UK in 1994, and works with an affiliate network of independent field marketing companies to conduct its face-to-face, direct-selling activities. 

Over the course of almost 30 years, Appco Group UK has established itself as the market leader in customer acquisition, forging strong and lasting relationships with some of the UK's leading companies and demonstrating the effectiveness of quality residential face-to-face marketing.

Appco Group UK is enormously proud of the value it adds, not only to the businesses and charities it works with, but also to the community at large. 

The beginning of our field-sales journey 

The direct-selling business was founded by Chris Niarchos in Sydney in 1987, and originally operated as Cobra Group. 

However, by 2010, Cobra Group had diversified into a range of different companies and the direct-selling business required a distinct global brand, so Appco Group was launched worldwide to focus on global field sales and marketing. It now operates in 28 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. 

Globally, Apcco Group still benefits from being part of the Cobra Group of Companies, which is now a billion-dollar group of diversified companies – with interests in sales and marketing, insurance, financial services, motorsport, energy and high-tech manufacturing – but all with a common ambition to open up a world of opportunity to the people associated with them.