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2022 Bronze Unaddressed Print


Entrant: Whistl Doordrop Media

Client: Oddbox Delivery

Campaign Name: Show me the Growth: Sustainable Expansion

Campaign Overview

Knowing it leaned too heavily on paid digital advertising and hampered by diminishing returns from Facebook’s algorithm, fresh-food delivery service Oddbox needed to unlock new acquisition channels.


In testing, Oddbox had discovered targeted doordrop offered a strong opportunity to reach more prospects, but needed to understand what creative approach would bear fruit.

Using customer data Whistl created a targeting decile model to identify key postcode sectors within England that had a high propensity of prospect customers. It then booked campaigns through its online doordrop booking portal Leafletdrop.

The insight-driven strategy was intended to help Oddbox target expansion into new operating areas, raising awareness while increasing online sign-ups and driving sales.


In line with Oddbox's ethos of sustainability, messaging centred on the personal stories of the brand’s farming partners. The doordrops included visually pleasing artwork of their produce. They were split into several formats and used FSC paper from B Corp printers that operated double carbon-offset print.

The team tested three creative variants: a control; ‘Grower’, which highlighted rescued farmers’ non-supermarket food; and ‘Product’, focusing on food waste issues.

To maximise reach and budget, Whistl worked with Royal Mail to achieve volume growth incentives by targeting as many households as possible with test doordrops.


Grower messaging outperformed the Product version by 8% and the control by 27%. The four-page Grower format was the best-performing creative with a conversion rate of 0.11% and a CPA of £64.48.

With distribution split over two weeks, initial responses could be interpreted and analysed to evaluate if the targeting assumptions held true throughout the whole distribution period. Across the five creative formats, there was an average of 266 new subscribers per version, with an average CPA of £82.60 and conversion rate of 0.09%.

Oddbox continues to use Grower messaging in its creative approach as it expands further into Scotland and other areas of the UK.

The Team

Whistl Doordrop Media - Alex Gorton, Internal Account Manager

Oddbox - Hannah Graham, Growth Manager - Liz Yates, Head of Growth - Eden Sparke, Creative Manager