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2019 Silver Financial Services


Agency: LIDA

Client: Invesco

Campaign Name: Invesco ETF Campaign

Campaign Overview

Invesco had snapped up PowerShares and Source EFTs. Exchange-traded funds offer low-cost and transparent liquidity, but Invesco wasn’t known for these products.

The company set out to establish itself in the market.


Invesco’s pedigree was in Active Investment Management, where fund managers focus on bettering market benchmarks.

Acquisitions PowerShares and Source brands are rooted in Passive Investment Management, where automation rules performance. That made it tricky to establishing Invesco as a master of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

LIDA took the time to understand what professional investors thought of ETFs and learned what matters most is achieving their investment objectives.

They also welcome a new, better way of doing things - whether day-to-day or in the long term.


That money can be made in good times and bad is an accepted truth for many investors.

With global uncertainty rife, the outlook has never been so uneven; an ideal set-up for investors to turn to ETFs.

To bring to life the idea that investment opportunities exist on either side of an argument, LIDA partnered Economist illustrator Noma Bar to playfully use negative space and minimalism.

The creative covered three hot topics: the US and China trade war, sustainable investing and the rise of Blockchain.

Each bold, bright execution featured visuals that cleverly formed images within images, and highlighted ETFs as being ideal for “unseen opportunities”.

The campaign played into the natural tension between an investor’s quest for a better way of doing things and the temptation to shift their portfolio in response to world


Media ran across 36 publications, 32 websites and high-impact out of home media, with a reach exceeding 30 million.

Benchmark targets for display, email and paid search were exceeded.

Monitoring Google Trends indicated a greater proportion of the investor audience had begun to think of Invesco ETFs to help them achieve investment goals.

European-domiciled ETF industry assets have increased 7% year-to-date, with Invesco’s European-domiciled ETFs growing by 26% year-to-date.

The Team

Ben Golik, Chief Creative Officer, LIDA - Flic Theobald, Business Director, LIDA - Dan Wright, Senior Copywriter, LIDA - Mark Dickens, Art Director, LIDA - James Calvert, Chief Strategy Officer, LIDA - Eliot Pavesi, Designer, LIDA - Emma Dorning, Account Director, LIDA


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