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2019 Silver Best Use of Unaddressed Print


Agency: Whistl (Doordrop Media)

Client: Movember

Campaign Name: Movember Shave The Date

Campaign Overview

Movember wanted to explore new acquisition channels, boosting registrations and promoting happier, healthier lives for men.


Movember is renowned for its campaign to get men growing moustaches throughout November, but wanted to boost its supporter base.

Using historical fundraiser data, a sophisticated model was target likely donors.

Doordrop media was selected as a GDPR-compliant acquisition channel based on insights from JICMail.

Whistl demonstrated that the younger target audience engages through the channel providing the message is relevant.

A bespoke targeting model was devised based on 43,000 historical postcodes of anonymous fundraisers, and national and regional Mosaic profiles.

Whistl blended secondary targeting with TGI profiles for UK homes who take part in national events or donate to causes through sponsorships.

An algorithm scored each postcode sector and these were grouped into ten equal segments for Royal Mail distribution of a six-page leaflet to 250,000 homes.


Strong imagery and bold typography from Movember’s Shave the Date advertising was used for the impactful roll-fold leaflet.

It harnessed shareable content to show why people should sign up to shave and grow, with the option to claim a free Gillette razor.

Each page ran a poignant message, written clearly and concisely about why a high proportion of men die young.

The printed leaflet outlined the steps clearly in a way that didn’t allow people to claim the razor without first registering.

Only 20,000 razors were secured for the incentive, and the doordrop was delivered to 250,000 households.

Unique codes were innovatively overlaid on each leaflet for each recipient to claim their razor.


3,713 donors were generated, giving a total response rate of 1.48% of which 79% were new donors.

There was a donation value of £252,725 resulting in a campaign ROI of £8.19.

Movember achieved incremental sign-ups from 780 existing donors, while 5,000 free razors were claimed.

The doordrop generated a four-fold uplift in response value (+264%) vs. the control.

The Team

Susie Idle, Group Account Director, Whistl (Doordrop Media) - Nicola Mann, Mail Media Specialist, Royal Mail Market Reach - Simon Hartlett, Innovations Director, Eclipse - Vaughan Young, Account Manager, Eclipse - Helena Jennison, Marketing & Communications Director, Movember Foundation - Anne Cecile Berthier, Country Director UK and Europe, Movember Foundation


Eclipse, Gillette and Royal Mail Market Reach

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