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2019 Silver Best Use of Email


Agency: Jaywing

Client: First Direct

Campaign Name: Making mortgages more personal

Campaign Overview

First Direct wanted to rethink its mortgage email marketing approach, to be seen as a trusted partner to first-time buyers, early re-payers and everyone in between.


Insight revealed how different the mortgage customer mindset is depending on the stage of their journey.

The majority find the whole process difficult, with mortgage info overload a big problem.

The bank wanted to own the simple mortgage journey, which meant targeting each customer mindset.

Mortgage data was analysed to personalise these campaigns.

A simple self-select email kicked off the initiative, with customers plotting their position on an interactive map.

Further segmentation underpinned a data-driven mortgage campaign, replacing blanket mortgage messaging with targeted comms.


The Mortgage Map was designed to stand out in a busy inbox, highlighting emotional points on the customer journey in the brand’s archetypal human tone.

The simple visual and down-to-earth style encouraged interaction and showcased First Direct as straightforward.

The visual treatment was bold yet simple to contrast with information overload typical of rivals.

Customer data gathered from responses was split into four key segments representing a point on the map.

Customers received targeted campaign communications with next steps advice.

Brand and product recognition were also reinforced using on-site content, display, paid search and press advertising.


A 216% increase in traffic to First Direct's mortgage webpages boosted data capture.
The campaign has also garnered a 30% response uplift via search due to prospect and retargeting activity.
  • Other highlights: Open rates 14.28% above the financial services benchmark
  • Campaign emails had an average click-through rate of 7.2%: 380% higher than industry average
  • Total ROI to date is 24:1

The Team

Ben Haywood, Account Director, Jaywing - Maria Cohen, Account Manager, Jaywing - Rich Waite, Creative Group Head, Jaywing - Ben Marshall, Deputy Creative Director, Jaywing - Bob Hinchliff, Senior Artworker, Jaywing - Nikki Maher, Mortgage Marketing Manager, first direct



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