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2019 Gold Utilities and Telecommunications


Agency: Jaywing

Client: Yorkshire Water


Campaign Overview

Tackling climate change head on for the water industry with drip-fed behaviour change.


Instead of using hosepipe bans and depleting river levels, Yorkshire Water wanted to develop more effective ways to engage consumers and benefit the environment.

The campaign was the first of its kind and an innovative way to tacke climate change in the water industry.

The integrated initiative used a three-tier messaging matrix to run automatically.

It created an engagement tool that could deliver on a promise not to enforce hosepipe bans.

The campaign was dubbed “Without A Drought”.


More than 400 different variations of messages were designed for the whole range of channels.

Automation used three triggers to drive the right message to the right community at the right time, no matter what the weather.

First, demand data measured 12 different zones across the county and determined the severity of the message.

Next, rainfall monitoring devices pinpointed areas with four-week periods of less than 50% average rainfall, escalating the messaging.

Finally, alerts were triggered based on water supply stocks.

The strategy ensured all bases were covered and the company needn’t worry messages being displayed.


6.8 billion litres of water were saved during a 10-week summer year on year.

79% of customers said they used the same or less water than they usually do during the summer.

The Team

Adrian Flanagan, Campaign Lead, Yorkshire Water - Nicole Jones, Marketing Assistant, Yorkshire Water - Aimee Linfoot, Head of Brand & Marketing, Yorkshire Water - Michelle Rigby, Senior Account Manager, Jaywing


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