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2019 Gold Retail and E-commerce


Agency: Proximity London

Client: IKEA UK

Campaign Name: The £0 Lagom Collection

Campaign Overview

In the face of greenwashing, IKEA wanted to play up its commitment to sustainability. Not easy amid rampant consumer cynicism.


IKEA’s Live Lagom - from the Swedish lagom ar bast meaning “the right amount is best” - was the ethos behind the programme.

It became an articulation of the retailer's philosophy towards sustainability.

But it also provided genuinely useful tips people could make in their homes.


IKEA launched the £0 Lagom Collection, a set of ideas for turning existing items into something else - instead of buying new products.

The tips were shared across social media, CRM content, website and in-store workshops.

The retailer then invited people to share their own ideas which were turned into a Lagom catalogue.


The £0 Lagom Collection increased recognition of IKEA's commitment to being a leading sustainable brand by 21%.

It had an ROI of 41:1.

The campaign also garnered positive PR and social media and drove a 49% increase in applications to the existing programme.

The Team

James Bartram, Strategy Director, Proximity London - Chloe McMahon, Associate Planning Director, Proximity London - John Treacy, Executive Creative Director, Proximity London - Jay Packham, Senior Art Director, Proximity London - Ian Cochran, Senior Copywriter, Proximity London - Zoe Jones, Business Director, Proximity London - Francesca Kendle, Account Director, Proximity London - Alice Kenyon, Account Manager, Proximity London - Kirsty Ireton, Designer, Proximity London - Tom Hughes, Copywriter, Proximity London - Fleur Hollett, Creative Project Manager, Proximity London - Sam Lewis, Data Planner, Proximity London - Iain Neal, Country Loyalty Leader, IKEA UK - Mike Creevy, Social Media Specialist, IKEA UK - Clare Ryan, Country Integrated Media Leader, IKEA UK - Natalie Cook, Digital Content Specialist, IKEA UK - Aileen McCreadie, Live Lagom Programme Manager, IKEA UK - Sharon McCracken, Sustainable Life at Home Leader, IKEA UK


Vizeum, Hope and Glory, BWP

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