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2019 Gold Best Integrated Campaign


Agency: ELVIS

Client: Mondelez

Campaign Name: Hunt the White Creme Egg

Campaign Overview

Mondelez needed to hit its Creme Egg sales targets during the four months of the year it's on shelves.

The Creme Egg Hunting Season campaign needed to feel fresh in its third year, engaging an audience that increasingly avoid ads.


The 18- to 34-year-old target market is driven by newness, but as the product itself remains the same from year to year, the onus is on marketing to drive sales.

The Hunt for the White Creme Egg uses scarcity to great effect.

The campaign involved a first-of-a-kind series of free partnerships creating “ultimate Easter eggs”.

Partners included Unilever, Heinz, Google, Honda and Benefit, which hid Creme Eggs in their advertising.

Clues released and promoted on social media directed people to the hidden eggs.

People needed to hunt the eggs, photo them and upload images to, where they could unwrap the egg to instantly discover whether they'd won a milk chocolate Creme Egg or a rare White Creme Egg.

They also had the chance to win £10,000.

New eggs were hidden across the four-month Hunting Season to sustain engagement.

Eggs were hidden in other brands' channels such as billboards, press ads, YouTube videos, TV ads, social content, websites and in-store.

The Hunt for the White Creme Egg enabled Mondelez to combine fans' love for the product with scarcity, to drive desirability and urgency.


The campaign was all about hacking other brands' ads, so the creative was a glitchy concept that looked like content was being hacked in real-time.

Existing TV ads were also hacked by glitching a five-second segment that announced the new campaign.

The audience wanted newness, not predictability.

Rather than one big London event and a few White Creme Eggs hidden in stores, the agency created a multi-media experience that meant anyone could become a Creme Egg Hunter, wherever they were.

Clues hit social media, directing people to the eggs hidden in other brands' ads.

Once people found a hidden egg, Creme Egg-branded signposting in the distinctive, glitchy style directed them to an online campaign hub.

Built-in image recognition technology allowed hunters to upload a screengrab or photo of the egg they'd found and instantly “unwrap” it without leaving their browser.


A nationwide frenzy capitalised on people's love for the product, driving sales of the core range.

The campaign reached 88% of all UK adults (92% of 16- to 34-year-olds) at least five times each.

Thanks to the attention-grabbing creative, reach and frequency resulted in 15.7 million completed video views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and a 32% view-through rate on skippable YouTube ads.

In total, 42 eggs were found a massive 760,881 times.

Brand sales for 2019 increased by 9.9%.

The Team

Neale Horrigan, Managing Partner - Creative, ELVIS - Rob Griffiths, Associate Creative Director, ELVIS - James Hudson, Associate Creative Director, ELVIS - Camilla Yates, Planning Director, ELVIS - Caroline Davison, Managing Partner - Clients, ELVIS - Claire Smith, Senior Account Manager, ELVIS - Chris Dorn, Design Director, ELVIS - Beth Stanbridge, Designer, ELVIS - Jason Garfield, Tech Lead, ELVIS - Joshua Rodriguz, Motion Designer, ELVIS - Alexander Warren, Creative Producer, ELVIS - Bene Tanser, Motion Designer, ELVIS


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