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2019 Bronze Technology


Agency: Torpedo

Client: Autodesk

Campaign Name: Autodesk BIM 360 - A construction website that builds more business

Campaign Overview

Autodesk needed a rethink of its website and online experience. The triple prize? To improve organic search performance, user engagement and lead generation.


Autodesk BIM 360 connects project teams and data in real-time for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

The platform supports informed decision-making, leading to more predictable and profitable outcomes.

The website proposition was no longer clear enough, with poor user experience and content strung out across many domains.

Dealing with broad audience personas, and many user journeys, was a major challenge. Organic entry points were needed so visitors could see relevant content.

Torpedo turned the website into a funnel, enabling progressive discovery of industry content, technology, workflows and other features.


People are at the heart of every project, so they were also placed at the heart of the website.

Using innovative design, the website flows seamlessly from one piece of content to the next, keeping users engaged and nudging them through the funnel.

UX and keyword research helped to prioritise content and direct attention. Each page type has unique identifiers to indicate to the user where they are in the journey.

Users find the experience more authentic and it helps them discover new technology, learn about relevant workflows and find the right product.


The new website met objectives and out-performed its predecessor.

The focus on user experience, intuitive design, relevant content and search optimisation has resulted in a 72% increase in leads, and an ROI of 132% within the first three months since launch.

User engagement has also significantly increased with an 85% uplift in time spent on site and a 75% increase in pages visited per session.

The project was a full, top-to-bottom re-evaluation of how Autodesk tells its story and frames its content. It highlights how UX and design can help a diverse audience.

The Team

Cody Yellowlees-Bound, Account Director, Torpedo - Will Stanley, Web Team Leader, Torpedo - Garreth Bayliss, UX Designer, Torpedo - Aidan Hooker, Account Manager, Torpedo - Aaron Sarbatta, SEO & Digital Acquisition Manager, Torpedo - Jeremy Onion, Technical Director, Torpedo

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