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2019 Bronze Best Use of Data and Insight


Agency: 23red and Clear Channel

Client: NHS Blood and Transplant

Campaign Name: The dynamic blood appointment

Campaign Overview

To keep hospital blood stocks high, the service needed people to register and donate at their local clinic.


Out of home was identified as the most effective way to reach people who live or work close to permanent blood donor centres.
Recent data and digital innovations in OOH advertising enabled NHSBT to harness the real-time first party data required to drive urgency.
The combination of first-party data combined with the sheer volume of dynamic elements in the campaign was among the most complex ever.


Appointment data was collected and integrated into the campaign.
Showing recent bookings and donations normalised the process for people anxious about giving blood.
Revealing future appointment availability highlighted the need for new donors.
And featuring the walking distance to centres highlighted the ease of donating.
The creative featured real-life recipients of blood donations to motivate, inspire and create an emotional connection with potential donors.


With 3.5 million impressions awareness of the ease of, and need to, give blood was successfully raised.
The resulting 43% increase in registrations showed messages were successful.
It also proved that localised OOH advertising could drive new blood donor registrations.

The Team

Ali Omar, Copywriter, 23red - Daryll Arthur, Art Director, 23red - Sean Kinmont, Creative Director, 23red - Demi O'Shea, Senior Account Manager, 23red - Philippa Dunning, Producer, 23red - Dylan Collard, Photographer, - Tom Aggett, Marketing Manager Acquisition and Planning, NHS Blood and Transplant - David Hill, Producer, Clear Channel - George McGhee, Senior Producer, Clear Channel

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